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Friday, 23 June 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Brakes, Paint

R33 GT-R Brembo (Front) - Silver with Red Logo

R33 GT-R Brembo (Rear) - Silver with Red Logo

Well, I went home last night - and between my son Kai crying, I managed to paint the red logos onto the calipers. The mask/frisket worked well. Although, I didn't have any idea when to remove the mask, so I tested one of the fronts and it came off OK, with only minor blemishes. Tried one of the rears however and it wasn't as successful. I left the second rear until this morning and it came away really nicely (as pictured). It's not bad for an amateur job, and once it has the clear coats on, the finish should be pretty flash.


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