Sweet Nissan 180SX Type-X on Yahoo Japan auctions

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Ever since I started getting interested in imports, the Yahoo Japan Auctions (for Nissans of course) was a place to go to get inspiration on the latest trends out of Japan. There's also quite a lot of bunkies that you come across but every now and then you come across a gem. This type of post will be a regular in the future I think highlighting what I think are standout cars for sale.

Nissan 180SX Type-X on BBS LM

In this case it's an absolute mint 1997 Nissan 180SX Type-X. The Type-X as many will know came with the updated rear taillights, rear spoiler and simple well designed front bumper/spoiler. This one here resplendant in white sits on some classic BBS LM 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 wheels with gun metal centres and red centre caps (the centre caps being an important component).

Nissan 180SX Type-X Front Bar and Bonnet Spoiler

At the front you can see the classic lines of the factory Type-X front bar/spoiler. This one also has some subtle canards attached to the ends of the front spoiler, giving it that modern time attack feel. You can also see the small spoiler that runs along the rear of the bonnet/hood, and the aero mirrors that finish off the front end look.

Nissan 180SX Type-X Rear Taillights and Vertex Rear Bar

Here we see those classic late model 180SX Type-X taillights. It's great to see in this day of clear taillight lenses that the owner has stayed with the original, the shape and light setup still looking up-to-date some 13 years down the road. I believe the rear bar is a Vertex item along with Vertex side skirts to match and the front canards that have been fitted to the standard Type-X front bar lower the front/side profile just enough to keep the lower edge line all in sync. There's not a huge amount of dish on the BBS LM's as most offset and disc options would be setup for large caliper brake setups. Also of note is the roof spoiler, possibly from Origin or other quality Japanese aftermarket body kit manufacturer.

Nissan 180SX Type-X Front/Side

Another look from a different angle at the front, a quick search through Google failed to turn up the maker of the front/side canards. A number of companies make them, so if you're looking for some, just Google '180SX front canard', and you're bound to find some. Through the timeless classic that is the BBS LM wheels, you can see some red brake calipers poking out which have a Brembo badge on them. On closer inspection of the Yahoo Photos page, they turned out to be Z32/R32 brake calipers painted red with Brembo logos applied.

Nissan 180SX Type-X Engine Bay

Finally we see the engine bay, and although stock, is extremely clean given its 13 years of age. But then I suppose when you take into consideration the original owner was a Nissan Dealer, it's probably not so surprising.

Hope you enjoyed this look into one of things I enjoy doing on a regular basis, I think I'll bring up some other Yahoo Auction or notable car spotlights from time-to-time as I'm sure some of these gems should be highlighted more.


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Posted by Matyi | 13 December 2010 at 03:44 AM

Oh my… This is just… perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by jack wagon | 15 April 2011 at 03:30 PM

Beautiful 180 and as I try to duplicate it I desperately need a Nissan badge only for type X front bumper.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!

Posted by Brendan | 22 April 2011 at 07:13 PM

Where are you located? Have you tried Nissan? There’s a piece of software that’s floating around the net called Nissan FAST which you can punch in a model or VIN code and it tells you all about the car. You can then find out the part numbers for things you’re after and have then ordered through Nissan from Japan.

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