New Japanese Retro Auto magazine out from Performance Imports

Saturday, 27 August 2011 | Comments (0) | Categories: Magazines/Blogs, Old School

What a pleasant surprise this morning when I went to take my 5yo son and myself for a haircut. Had to wait a little, so popped over to the newsagent, and found a new magazine called Japanese Retro Auto on the stands brought to us by Performance Imports (a.k.a. Express Publications). This is something that Australia has been needing for sometime, a well designed magazine with classic cars other than the usual Holden/Ford/Chrysler mix. And although there's some Japanese classics in magazines such as Hot 4's, Fast Fours, Zoom et al, they're all so overdone most of the time, they're not really in the traditional classic JDM style any longer...more like trussed up glossy candy that'll make you sick if you have too much. 

Anyway, the Compilation Editor for this one is Ryan Lewis, the editor for Fast Fours, but more stemming from his involvement in blog. Together with graphic design Steve Cook, they've produced a beautifully designed and typeset magazine that I hope sets a standard for some of the other Express Publications magazines to take a lead from.

Ryan has written a quick introduction to the new Japanese Retro Auto magazine on the-lowdown, so go check it out for a preview of the quality visuals you'll see in the magazine. Once you're done reading, head on down to your local newsagent and grab one.


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