SILLBEER in ink - Fast Fours and Banzai UK Magazine articles

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Been meaning to do this for some time, and finally got a few days off over the Xmas break to scan and process these magazine articles.

Fast Fours - June 2008

The first coverage was in the Australian Fast Fours magazine back in June 2008. I was stoked that it actually made it onto the cover too which is an accomplishment in and of itself. Then they went on to do a very comprehensive 8 page article with plenty of pics taken by Dean Summers.

Here's the cover (they were kind enough to send me a PDF version of the cover):

Fast Fours June 2008 SILLBEER Cover

The rest has been scanned and resized for the web.

Table of contents:

Fast Fours June 2008 Table of contents

Article itself:

Fast Fours June 2008 Sillbeer Article pages 22, 23

Fast Fours June 2008 Sillbeer Article pages 24, 25

Fast Fours June 2008 Sillbeer Article pages 26, 27

Fast Fours June 2008 Sillbeer Article pages 28, 29

Banzai UK - January 2009

The second coverage was in the UK Banzai magazine a year ago in January 2009. The photos and story were by local photo-journalist Rick McDowell. The photos used in the article were posted a while back.

Here's what the cover looks like (unfortunately I believe they only have UK cars on the covers) where I get a mention on the footer:

Banzai January 2009 Cover

And the article itself (apologies for crap over saturation of colour):

Banzai January 2009 Sillbeer Article pages 18, 19

Banzai January 2009 Sillbeer Article pages 18, 19

Banzai January 2009 Sillbeer Article pages 18, 19

Hope you like the articles and sorry for the overly long period between posts. I have a lot to post up while I'm on holidays including the subject of the engine rebuild...more to come.


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Posted by Anonymous | 17 January 2010 at 09:42 AM

Hey Brendon
Very nice man, have been following your blog since I saw the fast fours article and was so impressed it inspired me to do what I was thinking about for a long while, I bought a S13 for myself and while nowhere near the mods and standard of yours I love it. Anyway was just wondering, where did you end up mounting your amps for the sound system? I know they are in the boot somewhere but where exactly as I need to mount mine and want a neat job. Thanks

Posted by Brendan Underwood | 18 January 2010 at 07:47 PM

Hi Mate

Thanks for the comments. They are always appreciated. Regarding the mounting of the amps, they were done by a professional installer who made the sub enclosure (sealed box with Alpine Type X 10") that squeezes into a base plate that also houses the amp stands. The crossovers are also on these 'stands'. A better pic of the setup can be seen here:


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