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Saturday, 1 May 2010 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Jeez, what a hectic couple of months, and it's just getting stupider (is that a word?).

Anyway the car is back on the road again, and is currently being run on. Almost got 500kms racked up, which has been a little difficult as I work from home now so my daily commute is walking 3 steps from the bedroom to the office.

The guys at C-Red have done a great job. The head work done previously from the person I bought it from and the work done by Josh and Boney have produced an engine that doesn't have the usual truck rattles you hear from an SR20.

Additions on this full engine rebuild included new forged 9.0:1 compression CP Pistons (to replace the Z32 slugs in there before), ACL Race bearings (the original Nissan ones were living a hard life), Tomei N2 Oil Block (to replace the GReddy sandwich block), new Nissan S13 SR20 Oil Pump (to replace the GTi-R pump as it wasn't mating to the engine properly - causing oil leaks) and the Ross Performance harmonic balancer (to replace the lightened GFB crank pulley).

Cosmetically I also changed over the old rubber radiator and intercooler (yes there was still some) hoses with Samco Black silicon items. The oil breather hose that was originally rubber with an orange heat shield sheathing has been replaced with a stainless item.

It's a great feeling to get back in the seat. The Sigma is getting a little old and grumpy now so almost time to put that to pasture.

Will probably be a delay on the next post as Blogger is pulling the plug on FTP publishing to domains other than their own, so I'm having to move the site content to another system.


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