Ross Tuffbond SR20 Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancer

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Ross Tuffbond SR20 Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancer (Crank Pulley) in custom order red

Well the parts have started to arrive through to C-Red. The first worth of posting (among assorted replacement gaskets etc) is this beautiful piece of automotive art from Ross Tuffbond. It's their Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancer for Nissan SR20. They usually come in a nice shade of deep anodized blue, but this was a part that would be seen and as I'd chosen red for my highlight colour I made a custom order in Red. It's so nice I almost used it as a Xmas bauble for the tree this year.

- The box it comes in
- Close up of label - Ross Part Number 304200 (for SR20 RWD only)

Of course once the box is opened this is what you get:

Ross Tuffbond SR20 Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancer (Crank Pulley) in custom order red

- Close up of the timing marks
- Another profile shot
- Close up of inner bolts
- Reverse side of the crank pulley

Information from the Ross website:

Introducing a revolutionary development in torsional dampening technology. Utilising the ROSS Tuffbond original elastrometric bonding process to produce the ROSS Metaljacket® series harmonic balancers / crank pulley dampers.
  • 360 timing marks at 1deg intervals
  • Adjustable timing disc, for TDC accuracy
  • Precision CNC machined 40 Tonne tensile alloy steel hub and vibration dampening ring
  • Dampening ring and hub permanently bonded together on TWO axis by our exclusive Tuffbond elastrometric bonding process, ensuring maximum harmful vibrations are absorbed.
  • balancer is anodized for durability and appearance
  • Absorbs more damaging torsional harmonic vibrations
  • Quicker engine acceleration
  • Increases engine life
  • Lifetime warranty, even for racing use - a world first!
  • Never requires maintenance or rebuilding - ever!
  • Rated to 1500 HP
  • Encapsulated MetaL Jacket® design exceeds AN DRA and SF1 i8.1(USA) requirements
  • Fits standard or modified engines
  • Affordably priced

Now this is a pretty trick bit of kit and have only heard good things about them...admittedly mainly used on high output RB26 engines. It will also bolt up directly to the S13 SR20 Oil Pump which is having to come over from Japan.

More to come as more arrives.


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