Simpson Super Bandit upgrade

Friday, 8 August 2008 | Comments (1) | Categories: General, Track

Simpson Super Bandit (The Stig version)

So I've had this helmet for a while now, but when I bought it it only had the clear visor/lens on it. Now most will probably recognise this helmet as the one the 'The Stig' wears on Top being a Simpson Super Bandit. Unfortunately the clear lens just didn't cut it and wearing sunglasses under it has at times been uncomfortable so I finally got off my arse and ordered the tinted lens.

Go Gear in Mt Hawthorn were good enough to order it in nice and promptly so I now have a full 'Stig' version of the helmet. Looks freakin awesome if you ask me.

- Simpson Super Bandit - Front View
- Simpson Super Bandit - Side View


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Posted by Anonymous | 17 April 2010 at 02:55 PM

Doesn't the Stig's helmet have a mirrored blue visor?

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