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Well not quite, but great nonetheless. Got home this afternoon and in the mail had come the notification that my number plates are ready for pickup. They are 'SILLBEER'. Some of you may have wondered where I came about this name. Well if you've ever been to the Japanese Yahoo Auctions before (a boon for used cars and parts from Japan), and subsequently used say the Google Translator service, when Silvia is listed, it is translated to 'Sill beer' or 'Sillbeer'. Here's a link to the Nissan section of Yahoo Japan Auctions:

Japanese Yahoo Auctions - Nissan

Down the left you'll see the names of the cars, some familiar, some not so, and you'll notice 'Sill beer', sitting there above Skyline. Some other interesting translations are Grolier for Gloria, Fair ready for Fairlady and Seaming Machine for Cima. Oh, and if you ever read 'minute mountains' in the text, I think it's short for millimetre.


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