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Thursday, 1 June 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Sard (Single Pump) Fuel Collector

I was having a nice little sleep in this morning (which is past 7am for parents), with my baby boy curled up next to me when the kids come racing up the stairs saying there's a package being delivered. Damn I wish they wouldn't come so early. But, low and behold, the Austpost man had a lovely little box direct from Japan for me. The Sard Fuel Collector (Single Pump version) had arrived. I ordered this about a week ago through Takakaira.com and expected a delay on shipping when they mentioned a June 6 dispatch date. And I'd also been told by a local supplier that it'd be two months before they could get one in for me. So I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto takakaira and it had shipped out on Saturday. Checked it last night and it was in the Perth dispatch centre. I love tracking stuff across the world, it's so cool.

Sard (Single Pump) Fuel Collector Lid

Anyway, for those not sure about what this does here's a quick run down. Sometimes under hard cornering, your stock fuel pump may end up sucking air as the fuel in the tank moves to the opposite side to the pickup, this can be detrimental to the health of a good engine, especially if caning it. So, what the Fuel Collector or Surge Tank does, is provides a small insurance policy against the main pump running out of fuel. In this case, a lift pump will sit in the fuel tank and provide fuel to the collector - keeping it as full as it can for as long as it can (it has a return line to the tank). Then, a high-flow pump is mounted in the Fuel Collector where it will have a constant supply of fuel to send to the engine. Most surge tank setups mount the hi-flow pump external to the surge tank itself - but this generates quite a bit of noise, and licensing don't like it a lot, thus the reason for going for this setup. Shipped to my door, this cost $330 and as you can see it's a nice bit of kit. Just need to try and get black fittings now to replace the blue ones wink


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