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Universal Washer Bottle

One of my pet hates when it comes to driving is a dirty windscreen, and of course to be registered, the car needs windscreen washers (squirters) working, so I needed to get them into working condition. Now, in an effort to clean the engine bay up a bit, the fuse box was moved to a position right next to the guard. This position however covered up the hole where the original washer bottles filling pipe comes another solution was required. As the battery is now in the boot, it left a bit of space where it was, next to the intercooler pipe.

A quick trip down to Supercheap Auto found a universal washer bottle at a perfect size. We looked at a bunch of different locations, including down underneath the guard, but all solutions still has the problem of being able to fill the small capacity bottle, thus the location in the engine bay itself. After making up a bracket from stainless flat strap and giving it a coat of paint it all bolted in pretty effortlessly. I pulled the original washer plug and hose through, filled the bottle and connected the hose and electrics. To my surprise, the electrical plugs were a match and after dropping the battery onto charge, the squirters were all working mint. Photos off the stuff below:

- 'L' Bracket 1
- 'L' Bracket 2
- Bracket installed with additional bottle attachment
- Bottle installed and filled

Now that that was done, it was time to start thinking about putting the suspension back to stock for registration. The adjustable arms may or may not be re-installed. I'll take some pics of the position of the rear wheels for reference, but with the stock rear lower control arms, the rear wheels sit almost perfectly...and I'm rethinking my decision on whether I really 'need' the fully adjustable Ikeya Formula lower control arms. We'll get to that decision later once it's back on the road.


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Posted by Josh | 1 December 2007 at 11:40 AM

Nice build Brendan. I’ve searched and searched prior to posting this question. What differential cover are you using? I live in Florida, U.S.A. and this is what mine looks like: Buildup/?action=view¤t;=DSCF2331.jpg Buildup/?action=view¤t;=DSCF2330.jpg

Can you help direct me? Thanks.

Posted by Brendan Underwood | 3 December 2007 at 09:23 PM


I’m afraid I can’t say exactly which diff the rear cover came from. It was in the workshop, and the rest was shagged so I took the diff cover. If anyone else can help, please post up.


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