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Bay says check this out

Yep, it's finally back to the workshop...but hopefully not for long. The body is back and it's very smooth, just needing some paint to finish it off. Enough of me yapping, check out the pics.

More pics of the completed body:
- Side Profile from front (High)
- Side Profile from front (Low 1)
- Side Profile from front (Low 2)
- Side Profile from Rear
- Overhead of rear guard
- Front Bar profile
- Rear Bar profile
- Fuel Filler Flap closed
- Fuel Filler Flap open

Well how was that, I think with the paint on, the single colour will hide the width more as the different coloured doors-to-panel change won't be there (ie. as severe). A couple of other bits that I've got along the way are a set of 4 Defi-link guages. Thanks go to Aston at JShop for getting these for me in record time and at a great price. Gauges include Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature (all to be mounted on dash board) and Turbo/Boost (to go on A-pillar). Quite some time ago I got a really nice deep corn steering wheel from Abdus at Tenagah Motorsports in the form of a Sparco #215 Competition in black suede. Oh, and at some point I picked up some Nismo 740cc injectors - these being straight plug-ins for the stock units.

- Defi-Link Gauges
- Sparco #215 Competition Steering Wheel
- Nismo 740cc injectors for SR20DET

Fitting up cooler and taking measurements for wheels is next and as mentioned before, colour choice is 95% Mazda 'Velocity Red's flavour.

Adiós amigos

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