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Tuesday, 28 June 2005 | Comments (1) | Categories: Engine, Exterior

GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley

Hasn't been much to report really over the last week or so, but we're getting closer. Managed to track down and purchase the side skirts (see pics) and just waiting for the modified Nissan Aero (Nismo) front bar to be repaired before I pick it up. In the mean time I had some of the Zinc plated parts on the engine replated to bring back to new condition, these included the fuel rail and various fuel and water pipes, throttle body parts and washers and nuts that go on the rocker cover (see pics). This was fairly cheap and cost $88 from Electroplaters Pty Ltd in Welshpool and took about a week. I also purchased a GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley to reduce rotating mass plus it looks tops. This has been modified to fit up to the Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Oil Pump we're using on this engine.

Pics of the body so far:
- Nissan Aero (Nismo) Side Skirts
- Nissan Aero (Nismo) Side Skirts
- Zinc Plated Parts
- Zinc Plated Parts
- GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley
- GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley

Now the good bit. Have spoken to Tom about the progress of the body and he's looking to have complete by end of this week/early next. Woohoo. After that it'll be back to the workshop to get intercooler test fitted then off to paint.


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Posted by Armand Jones | 22 August 2010 at 09:06 PM

That’s a nice thing to really get those parts like the throttle body spacer, fuel and water pipes, and washers and nuts. This kind of thing would really go things well for your vehicle. Step by step is needed in order to attain what you want for your vehicle at the end.

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