Nolathane rear LCA bushes arrive

Friday, 1 September 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Suspension

Nolathane Rear (inner) Lower Control Arm Bushes (Part# 46216)

A couple of posts back I mentioned my little stuff up with the rear lower control I prepped a set from an R32 GT-R, not an S13. After that little set back, I grabbed a set of S13 rear LCA's and quickly prepped and painted them for temporary fitting to the rear end. I was initially going to look at getting a set of adjustable rear LCA's, but after seeing the prices, I decided to stick with just updating the bushes in the stock ones. Now, I know this is a little anal, but I'm trying to keep a colour scheme going here, and yellow (Whiteline) or blue (OEM Replacements) bushes wouldn't cut it, so I went for the red Nolathane bushes. Still very good quality and red to boot. A quick look up on the web site (Redranger Nolathane), I identified the part number required, 46216, and promptly called around, settling on Repco who had them airbagged across for $107.00 inc GST. See the following picture identifying where these bushes will be installed:

S13 Rear Lower Control Arm Bush location

Next step in installing these will be to melt out the old ones with an oxy torch, then sand and spray with paint and finally fit the new bushes. Woohoo. Oh, and if you do order a set of these, get two sets as a single set only does one side (lucky I ordered two sets just in case).


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