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S13 Rear Sub-assemblies (aka Hub Carrier or Spindle)

First of all, no I haven't been slacking off. I have been doing work on the car, but it's really restricted to Saturday's and sometimes a little of Sunday's...would make a good reason why it's taking so long to finish the car too.

Couple of weeks ago on Saturday (wife calls it Saturday morning creche), it was time to get the rear sub-assemblies off (otherwise known as Hub Carrier or Spindle I believe). This was a right pain in the a$$. After the half shafts being in them for over a decade, they were well and truly stuck fast. After plenty of Rost Off, belting with a hammer and one worse for wear half shaft, the shaft finally broke free of the sub-assembly. That was just one side...thankfully the drivers side came free with only 10 or so bashes with the hammer.

S13 Rear Stock Suspenion Arms

While I was at it, I removed the rear arms for cleanup and paint. Now although these won't be fitted to the final product, I thought I'd make sure they were at least worthy of being bolted up temporarily.

You may recall me doing the diff and half-shafts from an R33 GT-R a few weeks ago, well as planned, I found an S13 Rear Diff Cover which didn't have too many munted fins and prepped and painted it. I started out with just a coat of VHT Cast Aluminium paint, but thought why not a coat of clear to make it easier to clean (same theory as brakes - smooth surface, easier to clean). So on went 3 coats of clear and the results were great. So great I also hit the gearbox housing and the new Trust Sump with the same treatment.

- S13 Diff Housing 1
- S13 Diff Housing 2
- Nissan Differential Gasket
- Trust Sump - painted Cast Aluminium and Clear

Last week I finally took delivery of my new Nismo Power Brace, rear lower tension-rod brace and Do-Luck 'Style' Ladder Bar brace (goes under the gearbox and ties the chassis rails together). The Power Brace will stay its standard Nismo silver, but the other two braces were a mix of blue and polished alloy. These have now been painted Satin Black as per the rest of the under body parts.

- S13 Nismo Power Brace
- Do-Luck 'Style' Ladder Bar Brace (crap photo)

Rear end parts

With all these bits painted and ready to go, it's almost time to bolt some of this stuff onto the car! Doh, just remembered I need to get all the bolts zinc coated first...


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Posted by Paul | 22 July 2006 at 07:06 AM

Hi Brendan

I came across your blog searching for Brembo info. Your car will certainly be a beast when finished. I know Roy from C-Red and he certainly knows his stuff about S13’s. I have an R33 Skyline GTS-t and have just fitted GT-R Brembo calipers and rotors front and rear. Even though the factory brakes are great, we all know the bigger the better!
Check out my blog at

Posted by Anonymous | 2 August 2007 at 07:16 PM

Hey Brendan, fantastic work on the car. It has come up awesome. You should be proud!

I am currently having some problems with my r32 gtr diff and driveshaft conversion into my s13 silvia, and was hoping you could shed some light for me.

This car has been giving me so much stress lately.

I just bolted up a z32 300zx gearbox, and it is ready to go.

However, I need to sort out the rear end so I can take it to a tailshaft place and get a tailshaft made up, so I can get it on the road. I need your help!!

A couple of questions for you:

-Did you bolt the r32 gtr diff and r32 gtr driveshafts bolt into your S13 cradle?
-Did you have a problem with the r32 gtr driveshaft length, as my driveshafts seem a bit long.
-Did you have any problems with the r32 gtr driveshaft and diff setup after installation?

I’ll let you know of my progress so far, so you can help out as much as possible:

-I currently have the r32 gtr diff bolted into my S13
-I also have the Passenger side r32 gtr driveshaft and r32 gtr hub installed.
-I have not yet installed the drivers side driveshaft or hub.

I am worried about the fitment of the gtr driveshafts, because the boot closest to the diff is rather squashed. Is this the same on you car? Did it cause any problems?

What I have for the swap is the following. Is this all I will need?
-R32 GTR diff
-R32 GTR Driveshafts left and right (the RHS Drivers side driveshaft is longer than the LHS passenger. This is correct yes?
-R32 GTR Hubs left and right

I have spent countless hours and days trying to search through pages, trying to find some info on the conversion, but I cant find anything conrete. I am hoping you can help me out.

Thanks heaps in advance. and if you could, please email me: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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