Nismo Lower Control Arm - in disguise

Thursday, 24 November 2005 | Comments (0) | Categories: Suspension

Nismo S13 Lower Control Arms

Sorry sorry sorry. It's been a hideously long time between posts I know, but getting back into the swing of things now. Unfortunately a few months back my mother-in-law passed, and we've just finished settling the estate including cleaning up the house and belongings and selling the family home. But that is all behind us now so on with the show. I was lucky enough (thanks to C-Red) to get my hands on some Nismo Lower Control Arms which will help in the strength stakes. I am however wanting the underside looking pretty stock, so I have painted them in black and will affix some small Nismo stickers onto them soon.

Some pics of the testing session:
- Nismo Lower Control Arms (Top View)
- Nismo Lower Control Arms (Bottom View)
- Nismo Lower Control Arms now in satin black

I have also resprayed the rear subframe in the satin black too, and most other parts will be done the same to reduce the attention from the constabulary.


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