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Thursday, 1 December 2005 | Comments (0) | Categories: Suspension

Zenith Tuning Boot Brace

As mentioned previously, I also purchased from Zenith their S13 Boot Brace and C-Pillar Brace. Unfortunately, the C-Pillar brace I think is suited only to the 180SX, so if anyone is interested in it, please get in contact with me. The Zenith Boot Brace however is a goer. Those who've peered into the boot of an S15 will know that they have something like this as standard, basically tying the rear of the chassis rails together to further reduce chassis movement. The pic above shows it basically in situ when it's eventually installed. You can see from the pics that these are a high quality product.

Some pics of the braces:
- Zenith Boot Brace
- Zenith Boot Brace (End Weld)
- Zenith Boot Brace (End Mount)
- Zenith Boot Brace (In Situ)
- Zenith C-Pillar Brace
- Zenith C-Pillar Brace (pre-tensioner)

Also, C-Red have been appointed Western Australian contacts for Zenith Tuning products, so or those wanting to get hold of anything from their range, please can contact Jeff at C-Red during normal business hours.


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