Kazama suspension arms arrive!

Thursday, 5 October 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Suspension

Kazama packaging - pretty funny
Make sure you read the box!!

So after some delays due to out of stock parts that needed to be manufactured, the full set of Kazama suspension arms (except front tension rod brace) arrived with many thanks to C-Red. The intention of the car is to set it up for grip work on either motorkhana, track or possibly hill climb, and with the adjustability of the suspension setup, I hope to find a great handling car. So here we go:

- Kazama Pillow Ball Tension Rod (Castor Rod)
- Kazama Super Strength Tie Rod
- Kazama Super Tie Rod End (TRE)

- Kazama Adjustable Rear Upper Arm
- Kazama Adjustable Rear Toe Arm (Tension Rod)
- Kazama Traction Rod

All these parts are top quality and mostly adjustable with ball joint connections (as opposed to rubber bushes). As a plus, they're also red to match with the rest of the car smile

Also sometime ago I ordered in a set of flanges for the GReddy/Trust Type-R Blow-off Valve. Basically a flange to weld onto the intercooler piping, and an adapter that screws into the outlet:

- GReddy Type-R BOV Mounting Flange
- GReddy Type-R BOV Outlet Adapter

I'm still trying to get my plating kit up and running, but I have all the electrical bits all soldered up, the solutions are made up from the concentrates, I've gone out and bought this lovely plastic kitchen apron to protect the jewels from chemical splashes and I have the gloves and goggles to protect the other bits. All thats left now is to get an aquarium air pump to keep the water agitated so bubbles don't settle on the parts being plated. Hopefully I get one of those before I go in on Saturday and I'll do my first run of bolts that will allow me to bolt up all the suspension nice and tight and get the car rolling again.

Cheers and thanks for listening.

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