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Wednesday, 7 November 2007 | Comments (3) | Categories: Engine, General

Apexi Power FC Box

Yeah, crap title I know. Anyway, delivery of the Power FC (Full Computer) was on time and on Tuesday we dropped it into the kick panel, changed a few parameters around for the injectors and AFM and voila...sutartu! It's an S15 version as I originally planned on running a modded stock S15 ECU. We'll do a little bit of tuning to make sure the fuel is ok for light driving around, then have a proper tune coming up early next week. After that I can start running the engine in before leaning on it.

- Main ECU Unit (for direct replacement of the stock ECU)
- Power FC Commander (Hand Controller)
- Main plug interface
- Label on the side with serial number
- Accessories interface for Commander and Boost Control Unit

Speaking of boost control, I'll either be using the Power FC Boost Control kit, or a C-Red is now an official Trust/Greddy supplier, a GReddy Profec-B Boost Controller.

Sillbeer from the front all registered

Now for the good bits. Yep the car is registered, and the plates are now on. Ride height has been adjust so that it has plenty of clearance on the coilovers, but may need to look at a different exhaust down the track a little to get even more clearance...this is a daily remember. The car is getting it's air con regassed today, (this morning) and I'll take it down to Exley's Tyre Service (where I got my tyres from) to get a base alignment done. There's way too much camber front and rear on the passenger (left) side of the car and too much toe at the front. Now I apologise for not giving it a wash before taking the pics, but time was short when they were taken yesterday.

- Front quarter view
- Front wheel showing the Brembos
- Side view showing new ride height
- Rear quarter showing plenty of tyre clearance
- Rear quarter view 2
- Left profile - OMG it's phat, too much camber
- Right profile view

The rear height might be dropped by another 10mm or so, but we'll see how it goes for now...that'll be all part of the fun of getting it closer to perfection. Still to come now is fitting of some additional chassis bracing I've yet had time to put on (URAS Chassis Rail Extention and Tunnel Brace), then I need to work out how to add the Defi gauges which are waiting in the wings.

Shakedown will follow while we work out the inevitable bugs. Stay tuned.


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Posted by Dean Panic | 10 November 2007 at 09:49 PM

well done man.. all best, all the way…
I got a s13 my self and i also made a blog about my building a drift car slowly…anyways my question was; what are you building this car for ...what is it going to ??? a drift, circuit, street car??

Posted by Brendan | 10 November 2007 at 11:41 PM

Car will be used on the street and the occasional circuit/tarmac rally/motorkhana. Just good fun really.

Posted by netgirljenn | 24 December 2010 at 12:49 PM

The title is not crappy! I read the whole blog and I am still singing that 90’s song “I got the Power!” If titles are supposed to grab someone’s attention it sure did that.

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