GT-R turbos rebuilt and sold!

Wednesday, 8 September 2004 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Well, I had the turbos off the GT-R rebuilt through Per4manz Turbochargers a couple of weeks ago, and they've now been sold to a chap in Queensland I think (07 area code). This is the last item that can be sold from the GT-R after selling the gearbox last week (that guy got a bargain).

So, haven't been able to do much in the way of the Silvia being Fathers Day last weekend and all, and this weekend I have Charli to look after so finding it hard to get down to the workshop. Have asked Jeff to get the boys to start looking at the engine. Forged internals will be coming, and will be getting the bottom cryo treated as I did with the GT-R engine. Also looking at getting the pistons ceramically coated too.

Decisions to make will be how far I go with the head also, with the engine I have it has already been ported and polished, but whether or not I get Step 1 or Step 2 cams will determine if I need to replace valve springs as well.

Feel free to make comments on my blog - feedback on what you think I could do is always welcome.


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