Forgotten P1 Racing QF tests

Tuesday, 31 August 2004 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Driftpig with QF's

I'd forgotten that back in May I did a couple of tests of the 18x10 (+12) P1 Racing QF's on a couple of different S13's. The first was the C-Red Driftpig v2.0 (Sileighty), the second was Joel's 180SX. With the Driftpig, the front rims stuck out considerably mainly because of the spacers required to clear the coilovers. The pictures you see show the suspension set with maximum -ve camber (about 7degrees!). The rears fitted, and needed 15mm spacers to fill the rear guards (which are 30mm wider Wise Sports. However the rear of the Driftpig also has an R32 GT-R subframe fitted - this may be the reason the spacers were required. Another test fitting of the QF's will be coming up soon on the shell once we fit up some 5-stud hubs.

Joel's 180SX didn't have front coilovers fitted, but did have a 5-stud conversion, this the reason why the rims didn't require any spacers. The guards on Joel's car I believe are 30mm (could be 20mm), and having a look at the ruler, it would seem that for 10" rims at the front, I would need another 30mm or so of guard. Thankfully we'll only be going 9" at the front.

C-Red Driftpig v2.0 (Sileighty)

Joels 'Pivot' 180SX

BTW, the front bar you see on the Driftpig is more than likely what will be fitted up to the 'Silbeer'.


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