Engine off to get rebuilt

Thursday, 2 December 2004 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Just got advised that my block has been dropped off for the bottom end rebuild. The forgies that we found in it are already 87mm in size, but due to the way the engine was rebuilt in J, I am going to get a bit of piston slap noise on cold startup until they expand. The bores were in pretty good condition and will be honed and the crank has been knife edged too for better oil management I guess. Have asked for the pistons to be ceramically coated too, and the rods are new forged Eagle rods.

I guess it will be a couple of weeks before it get back, so in the meantime I have a head to clean up. Once all the moving bits are out of it, I'll take to it with a die grinder and remove all the dags off the casting. The inlet ports will get a clean up and then we'll be bolting it all back together.

I have a few parts that I've already collected including the HKS GT-RS turbo, HKS stainless dump pipe, Nismo 740cc injectors and just recently found a HPI manifold at a very good price. Just need to locate a good HKS front pipe now and then all the hot parts (exhaust turbine housing, manifold, dump and front pipe) will be sent off for ceramic coating.

It'll be good to have the engine ready to be fitted as soon as the shell gets back.


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