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Wednesday, 25 May 2005 | Comments (1) | Categories: Engine

HKS Style Exhaust Manifold Heat Coated

To help with heat management under the bonnet and assist with exhaust gas scavenging from the cylinders, I've had all the exhaust components heat coated. This includes the HKS 'Style' Manifold, HKS GT-RS Exhaust Turbine Housing, HKS Dump Pipe and HKS Front Pipe. As well as the normal advantages, it also looks clean and simple which is the theme I'm aiming for under the bonnet. When I had these parts done on my GT-R, the heat difference on that side was quite significant from an un-scientific hand test point of view.

As usual, here's some pics of the components:
- HKS 'Style' Manifold
- HKS 'Style' Manifold (other side)
- HKS GT-RS Exhaust Turbine Housing
- HKS Dump Pipe
- HKS Front Pipe

All these items were coated through Lyndon at Techline Coatings WA (0500 899 988). They're a Competition Coatings applier and have done a great job. Thanks Lyndon.


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Posted by daSilvia.org | 26 May 2005 at 12:29 PM

I very much like the anti-bling colour choice for the coating. grin

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