Carpet Burns

Thursday, 30 March 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Interior, General

Well, first up apologies for the long delay. Have been mainly waiting for the paint work to be finished, and I can now say it has. I've been down to check it out, and it's up to Bren-spec. Just a cut and buff to get some minor bits sorted and should be back to the workshop beginning of next week. Will post a coupla pics later, but only small shots from now on as I want to leave it to an 'Extreme Makeover' type reveal at the end (hehehehe).

In the meantime things at home have been getting a little nuts, new kid due anytime now and we've just started a bunch of reno's (kitchen, bathroom, laundry and ensuite) as well as landscaping out the front of the house. Bloody bad timing with the impending bub.

Oh, and I just ordered some moulded carpets for the car. Will be plush pile (mmm, luxo) in charcoal grey along with some extra for floor mats to be made up. Found a place in Victoria that does them so for $200 delivered I get front and rear plush pile carpets and 2sqm of extra in same colour. No photos yet but will be sure to post when I get it next week sometime. Oh, almost forgot, place is called Knox Auto Carpets (1800 035 390) and they deliver Australia wide.


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