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Friday, 3 November 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Suspension

View of front suspension arms

On Tuesday night, Roy was nice enough to keep the workshop open for a couple of extra hours for me to do some more work on Sillbeer...this time at the pointy end of the car. With the bolts plating on Saturday, it was really just a matter of bolting it all up and like Saturday it felt like Christmas opening up the Kazama boxes with their shiny new arms. So to start with we bolted up the Nismo lower control arms and the RG coilovers. Then came the Kazama Pillow-ball Tension Rod (also known as the castor rod) which really is a thick piece of kit in comparison to the originals. And don't get me started on the colour! After that, it was time to get the steering sorted - I decided to get the Super Strength Tie Rods after being advised that even the smallest hits can bend the standard ones. After fitting this up and putting the boot on, the Tie Rod ends was done and fitted up to the hub carrier. Finally we mounted the new 5-stud hubs.

Most things are loosely fitted for the time being until we have the engine in. The reason being that we'll be dropping the whole front sub-frame out of the car to fit the engine and gearbox so as to not scratch the engine bay if swinging in the engine from the top. Once that's in we'll tighten it all up and fit the lovely DBA4000 330mm rotors and Brembo 4-spot calipers.

- Before the assembly
- Kazama Castor Rod
- Kazama Castor Rod connect to the Nismo Powerbrace
- End of the power steering rack - no tie rods
- End of the power steering rack - no tie rods
- Comparison of Kazama Super Strength Tie Rod to a standard Tie Rod (R33 GT-R I think)
- Tie Rods and Kazama Tie Rod Ends
- GReddy Oil Catch Tank I got last week

I'll be back in on Saturday if anything doesn't come up but not 100% sure what I'll be doing next, probably find a fuel tank, clean it, paint it and fit it up before bolting up the rear subframe.


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