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Wednesday, 15 February 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

SR20DET Rocker Cover Ceramic Coated

I know you're all probably waiting to here about the painting of the car, but due to some unforseen problems, it's heading back for another round of paint. These things happen, it's just frustrating for the punter due to additional time delays - but then again, I've waited this long, may as well get it done good! In the meantime I've had the rocker cover done. Was originally looking to do this in a red crackle/wrinkle paint (similar finish to strut braces) but decided after considering the occasional beating (ie. dropped tool etc) it can get, that a more sturdy finish would be required. Step up to the plate Lyndon from Competition Coatings (0500 8999 88). We've passed the rocker cover over to him, and he's applied what I believe to be a ceramic coating of sorts that is virtually indestructable. It's done in a Candy Red colour, which comes out to something similar to stock, but a lot deeper (with a believe a slight fleck when in the sun). I've seen another rocker cover that Lyndon had around that was done in the same coating, and even with huge mallet/hammer hits, it's the metal that has cracked first, not the coating.

It's so beautiful:
- Front Right View
- Front Left View
- Top View

Thanks to Roy for the pics, and for polishing up the the cover nuts and washers. You'll also notice the temporary Weld coilpack cover, not sure if I'll stick with this or use something a little more stock looking (TBD).

So it's a very pretty piece of the work, the engine so far is looking fantastic - clean, simple with only a hint of bling in those rocker cover washers. Will let Roy off this time on those.


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