Possible Wheel change - WedsSport TC 105N

Thursday, 1 June 2006 | Comments (1) | Categories: Wheels/Tyres

WedsSport TC 105N - 18x10.5+12

Yep, that's right, I might be changing the rim I'm getting. I've never been 100% on the CE28N's, and when I saw these WedsSport rims - they just clicked. Less fussy around the centre hub, less spokes, just a nice clean designed rim. And the colour is perfect too - I wasn't sure a custom colour in Gun Metal for the CE28N was going to be my liking. As it happens, these could be cheaper too. The rim shown above is 18x10.5+12 (8.35kg) which will be just about right for the rear, and along with that I'd be ordering an 18x9.5+10 (8.0kg) for the fronts.

Volk Racing CE28N

The offsets available on the CE28N's were slightly less, so that's a bonus too with an extra 5mm on the front and 6mm on the rear to fill the guards out. Both are a really nice rim and both are lightweight, but for me I just prefer the WedsSports. One more plus for the WedsSports TC 105N is that they're a 2006 release so they're hot off the press.

Will keep you posted.


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