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Monday, 18 October 2004 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Well the shell went off a couple of weeks ago to get the Wise Sports rear guards fitted up and expect the next stage will be a bit of panel and paint. There's a few dents here and there but nothing out of the ordinary.

The colour I've been tossing around for sometime, moving from the beautiful yellow on the Lamborghini Mercielago (sort of a pearl the moves from yellow to orange). Then I thought a nice candy red would be nice, something as seen on the current Subaru Foresters or BA Falcons. Then I saw a motorcycle on the street one day and decided to look in that direction. The final choice was found a the latest Yamaha R1, and the colour is called LAVA RED. Here are some samples of the bike in the colour:

Yamaha R1 in Lava Red

- Sample 1
- Sample 2
- Sample 3
- Sample 4
- Sample 5
- Sample 6
- Sample 7

As for the Vinyl Cutter I purchased, the weekend came to get it running and my PC gave up, so I had to order a new PC. Have now got it up and running and doing a vinyl application course later this week to get clued up on how to put the stickers on like a pro. I have put together a collection of over 130 logo artworks I can call upon, with most of the major and not so major Japanese brands, tyre manufacturers and car audio brands. I'll be doing custom stuff as well, and a bit of corporate stuff too. That's all for now.


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