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Back into it now…

Saturday, 6 May 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine, General

Well, I'm finally back into it. After a few weeks of not doing any work on the car due to renovations and having our new baby boy, I finally got back into the workshop. Today was pretty much a setup affair - find a free spot in the workshop where it won't need to be moved, clean up the workspace (ie. mop the floors, yeah I know, I'm anal), and put the car up on stands. I also gave her a quick wipe down to get rid of the dust and small bird droppings that had made their way onto the duco due to being moved in/out of the workshop. All I can say is she's looking sweet. I would love to show you the heap of photos I took, but looks like the memory card in my camera took a turn for the worst (cheap 1GB card from china that lasted 3mths = not a happy camper). Anyway, wiped her down, wiped the door jams out and the boot jam and gave the engine bay a good clean as it still had a lot of dust in it (it's black by the way, not red). All in all I'm pretty happy with the way it cleans up.

So what's next, well I'll be sending a few parts off the powder coaters while I have the chance so that cleaning will be much easier. This will include the front and rear subframe, some of other suspension components, possibly the gearbox, diff housing, diff rear cover and the yet to arrive genuine Trust Sump. While that stuff is off, I'll get down on floor trolley and give the underside a quick paint so it's all the one colour, including the inside wheel arches which copped a big does of overspray. I also need to do a clean out of the car and take inventory of what I will still be needing.

SR20DET Rocker Cover Coil Pack Cover Black Wrinkle

And so you didn't go without a picture, here's the coil pack cover after a coat of the now famous black wrinkle paint. Looks pretty good but will wait and see whether it stays once everything is together in the engine bay.


Red Rocker…like candy…it’s sweet!

Wednesday, 15 February 2006 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

SR20DET Rocker Cover Ceramic Coated

I know you're all probably waiting to here about the painting of the car, but due to some unforseen problems, it's heading back for another round of paint. These things happen, it's just frustrating for the punter due to additional time delays - but then again, I've waited this long, may as well get it done good! In the meantime I've had the rocker cover done. Was originally looking to do this in a red crackle/wrinkle paint (similar finish to strut braces) but decided after considering the occasional beating (ie. dropped tool etc) it can get, that a more sturdy finish would be required. Step up to the plate Lyndon from Competition Coatings (0500 8999 88). We've passed the rocker cover over to him, and he's applied what I believe to be a ceramic coating of sorts that is virtually indestructable. It's done in a Candy Red colour, which comes out to something similar to stock, but a lot deeper (with a believe a slight fleck when in the sun). I've seen another rocker cover that Lyndon had around that was done in the same coating, and even with huge mallet/hammer hits, it's the metal that has cracked first, not the coating.

It's so beautiful:
- Front Right View
- Front Left View
- Top View

Thanks to Roy for the pics, and for polishing up the the cover nuts and washers. You'll also notice the temporary Weld coilpack cover, not sure if I'll stick with this or use something a little more stock looking (TBD).

So it's a very pretty piece of the work, the engine so far is looking fantastic - clean, simple with only a hint of bling in those rocker cover washers. Will let Roy off this time on those.


A chill in the wind

Wednesday, 23 November 2005 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler

While waiting for other things to happen and priorities shuffle around, I managed to fit the intercooler kit up. This is the latest genuine Hybrid GT Spec Tube & Fin Intercooler kit, size being 600 x 300 x 75 (I think). Here's a snippet from [FLYN] on

"The GT Spec intercooler kits have the latest GT Spec Tube & Fin intercooler and not the discontinued Drift Spec Bar & Plate intercooler. The GT spec Tube & Fin Intercooler is the latest one from Hybrid, it flows 20% better, 50% lighter in weight than the Drift Spec Bar & Plate. And because the Tube & Fin has the one piece core structure, it is also a lot stronger than the old Bar & Plate as well.

That is why Hybrid has discontinued manufacturing the old Bar & Plate because the latest Tube & Fin GT Spec is just so much better."

Some pics of the setup session:
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler (Front View)
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Inlet
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Outlet
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Engine Bay Inlet
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Engine Bay Outlet

The aluminium strapping used to mount the cooler will be replaced later with something more robust, but the car needs to be painted and of course the front bar cut to suit. On the subject of the front bar, unfortunately the one I had lined up with the larger front intake hole was cracking whenever moved so I've gone back to a non-modified Nissan Aero Sport front bar.


Dual N1 Exhaust….woah!

Friday, 5 August 2005 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine, Wheels/Tyres

XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust

Well there's a few things to report this post. The body has finally been completed, thanks to Tom it's been prepped and is now ready for paint in all its wide body goodness. Just waiting on some room at C-Red before bringing it back to check wheel clearances etc, make sure intercooler will fit and then it'll be off to the paint shop. Paint colour is 95% sure of being Mazda 'Velocity Red' - but of course it's open for changes up until it goes into the booth.

As you can see from the pics, I've purchased a Dual N1 exhaust off of the SilviaWA forums (thanks Dylan). Price was $500 - which I believe was very reasonable for the quality of the product. I've been advised by Dylan that it's fairly quiet, so I may have a second front section made up without the large muffler to go that little bit more obnoxious. I've also picked up a Sard Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator and have begun the prep work on the rear subframe.

Pics of the GReddy goodness:
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Full System)
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Rear Section 1)
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Rear Section 2)
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Rear Section 3)
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Rear Section 4)
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Front Section)
- XSPOWER Dual N1 Cat-back Exhaust (Extras)
- S13 Rear Subframe
- Sard Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator

Work Emotion CR Kai

Along with this, I've come to the conclusion that the wheels I have, the Buddyclub P1 Racing QF's (18x10 +12 all round) are going to be too big on the front as it's not possible to get them in 18x9 at a decent offset that I'll need (remember I have 50mm wide front and rear guards). So the search is on for some alternate rims, size I'm aiming for at this point is the same as original planned of (F) 18x9 and (R) 18x10, but will go down to (F) 18x8.5 and (R) 18x9.5 if I have to. The candidates so far as follows:

- Work Emotion CR Kai
- Work Emotion CR Kai - Gun Metal
- Gram Lights (Rays) 57PRO
- Gram Lights (Rays) 57S-PRO
- Team Dayton Racing (Rays) 505

Order also went in today for a full set of Defi-Link Meter gauges including Turbo, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp and Water Temp (plus the Control Unit II).

Will post images of the body once I get a look at it, so for now...


Plenum fitted…looks hot!

Thursday, 21 July 2005 | Comments (1) | Categories: Engine

GReddy Intake Plenum (Surge Tank) on S13/180SX SR20DET

What a difference having this plenum on the S13 SR20DET makes. So much cleaner and tighter. Not much more else to say since yesterday really.

Pics of the GReddy goodness:
- GReddy Plenum on Engine (Top View)
- GReddy Plenum on Engine (Side)
- GReddy Plenum on Engine (Front View)


Take a deep breath now…and cough!

Saturday, 16 July 2005 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine, Exterior

GReddy Intake Plenum (Surge Tank) for S13/180SX SR20DET

Well I've been holding my breath now for sometime for the GReddy Intake Plenum (Surge Tank to others) to come in and it finally landed on Friday. Thanks to Jeff at C-Red and John from Import Bitz for getting this in. This was originally going to be painted in the red wrinkle (crackle) paint like the rocker cover, but have since decided against it - it'll stay raw. Not to mention the difference in breathing and visual appeal it'll make in the engine bay. Also managed to pick up the last piece of the bodykit puzzle in the shape of a modified Nissan Aero (Nismo) front bar - the modification being in the main intake mouth. It's been enlarged for a front mount intercooler and once cleaned up and painted should look the goods (thanks Zac).

Pics for your edification:
- GReddy Plenum (Top View)
- GReddy Plenum (Ports)
- GReddy Plenum (Front View)
- GReddy Plenum (Bottom View)
- Modified Nissan Aero (Nismo) Front Bar

The front bar will now go off to Tomas for fitting, while the lightened pulley and plenum will be fitted to the engine. From here, I'm hoping for things to roll fairly smoothly to a climax, but of course that's only the plan - reality in these ventures can be completely different.


Parts Update

Tuesday, 28 June 2005 | Comments (1) | Categories: Engine, Exterior

GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley

Hasn't been much to report really over the last week or so, but we're getting closer. Managed to track down and purchase the side skirts (see pics) and just waiting for the modified Nissan Aero (Nismo) front bar to be repaired before I pick it up. In the mean time I had some of the Zinc plated parts on the engine replated to bring back to new condition, these included the fuel rail and various fuel and water pipes, throttle body parts and washers and nuts that go on the rocker cover (see pics). This was fairly cheap and cost $88 from Electroplaters Pty Ltd in Welshpool and took about a week. I also purchased a GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley to reduce rotating mass plus it looks tops. This has been modified to fit up to the Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Oil Pump we're using on this engine.

Pics of the body so far:
- Nissan Aero (Nismo) Side Skirts
- Nissan Aero (Nismo) Side Skirts
- Zinc Plated Parts
- Zinc Plated Parts
- GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley
- GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley

Now the good bit. Have spoken to Tom about the progress of the body and he's looking to have complete by end of this week/early next. Woohoo. After that it'll be back to the workshop to get intercooler test fitted then off to paint.


You like my braids?

Thursday, 2 June 2005 | Comments (0) | Categories: Engine

Braided Oil & Water Lines with Black Earls fittings

Roy had the guy from Enzed in this week to make up the oil and water lines for the turbo. As you can see they look pretty trick, and I've opted for the black version of the earl's hose fittings too - mainly because I'm an anal and fussy prick who ones nothing else except black, red and silver in the engine bay.

Pics of the engine so far:
- Oil & Water Lines 1
- Oil & Water Lines 2
- Close Up 1
- Close Up 2
- Close Up 3


Turbo is now on

Friday, 27 May 2005 | Comments (3) | Categories: Engine

S13 SR20DET with HKS GT-RS Turbo

Thanks to Roy for sending me a few new pics. Manifold, turbo and dump are now bolted on - woohoo *dances a jig*. Will get more pics tomorrow.

Pics of the engine so far:
- Side
- Top
- Front
- Front 2

You'll notice in the front pic that the first of the pulley's has been installed. Also, I mentioned nickel plating some bits previously, well it's actually zinc electroplating (gold) that I meant. Price is $40.00 for first 20kg of parts at Electroplaters Pty Ltd in Welshpool. This brings parts like bolts and brackets back to factory finish.


Heads up!

Thursday, 26 May 2005 | Comments (3) | Categories: Engine

S13 SR20DET Head with Cams

C-Red have slowly been progressing on my engine. Recently I assisted in putting the head on - well I put the head in place because Roy had a bad back, then he put the ARP head bolts in a tightened to spec. Since then, the cams have now been dropped in - now these are a used set of cams and an unknown brand at this stage. Specs are 264deg duration and 11.8mm lift on both intake and exhaust. Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers and Tomei Type A valve springs have been installed along with adjustable cam sprockets/gears too.

All is starting to look pretty good. I also found out this morning that Earls do make a black anodized version of all their hose fittings so will be using these whenever I need braided hose connections such as for oil and water lines on turbo and oil cooler etc. Will be looking to send off all the nickel plated bits to be redone soon so all looks brand new.

Pics of the engine so far:
- Top
- Front
- Exhaust Side
- Intake Side
- Camshaft Specs
- Camshaft Sprockets/Gear

Still to be done on the engine side will be the GReddy Plenum (which is on its way). The plenum and rocker cover will be red wrinkle/crackle coated (ala Ferrari Testarossa) and the nickel plated bits redone then those parts can be bolted back on. Damn it's a long road.


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