Monday, May 05, 2008

Widebody Fuel Flap

Flush fuel filler flap on widebody

One of the many things I love about the car, is its 'factory look'. An obvious way I did this was by using the Nissan Aero kit, which is now becoming quite a sort after item. But a couple of other ways was the filling of the front guards original vent holes (a necessity with the A-pillar braces behind) and the way the Tom modified and fitted the fuel filler cap to make it look factory. You see when you normally do widebody guards, you would use the supplied fuel filler cap which bolts up in the original located and looks like an after thought because it has chamfer on one side to clear the body. Here's an example:

Example original widebody fuel filler flap

I don't want to say that this car is by any means less worthy, it's a very nice ride. But in my case, the extra effort that Tom made in building up the flap with a small amount body filler and shaping it to suit the new rump really has made a huge, if mostly unnoticed difference...what you want really.

Here's some close up pics on how it looks/works:
- With the fuel flap open
- Closeup of the hinge, silicon hose used for spacers/bolt covers
- Screws used to set the stop point
- Closeup of the stopper screws
- Just a fancy shot of the Spec-B badge while I was at it

The spring on the inside of the flap needed a bit of adjustment so that when the fuel filler flap catch inside was pushed, it popped open. The final product though is just perfect. Thanks Tom.



At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Hey Brendan, great to see you have built an S13.
Sent you an email, not sure if it was the right address.
Use to talk to you years ago when we both owned GTR's.
Send me an email at


At 8:14 AM, Blogger Miro said...

Any updates? I've been following your build for a while. The car is absolutely beautiful.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Brendan Underwood said...

Sorry about that. Have just been driving the car and very busy with work at the moment. All is going well though, will finish mounting the boost gauge finally this weekend, and I have Perth Autosalon on next weekend so I'll be in drastic cleaning mode to get it all ship shape in time. Will make sure I post an update after Autosalon.



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