Friday, March 02, 2007

Continued progress

SR20DET Adjustable Cam Gears

Progress continues on getting the engine all tied up and ready for fitting. We had some slight problems this week with the lightened GFB crank pulley not having enough clearance to the oil pump. Now remember that the pulley is meant for an S13 SR20DET oil pump, where I'm running a GTi-R SR20DET oil pump. Initially the machining was done, and it did turn once all torqued up, but it was fouling ever so slightly on the edge of the oil pump casing. This has now been rectified and it's all good. Here's a couple of pics of the adjustable cam gears while I was in there just for good measure:

- SR20DET Adjustable Cam Gear - Intake

And along with this was a quick update from the irreplaceable Greg:

  • Pulley machining has been done and is perfect. Pulley fitted. Crank bolt
    and washer sand blasted and fitted.

  • All belts fitted.

  • Cam bolts torqued.

  • Timing chain tensioner fitted.

  • Crank angle sensor fitted.

  • Throttle body sandblasted and all cad plated parts fitted. TPS fitted. TB
    installed on manifold.

  • Rocker cover installed.

  • Spark plug cover bolts sand blasted and temporarily fitted.

  • Solid coolant lines under intake manifold cleaned and fitted.

  • Replacement boost/vacuum fittings on manifold sourced and fitted.

HKS GT-RS Compressor Inlet/Outlet

While Greg was doing the exhaust side of the engine, he's had the turbo compressor housing inlet adaptor modified for a different angle. The results you can see in the image above along with some slight redirection of the braided oil and water lines to suit this updated setup.

HPI Harness - Black with Red Stitching

As the car will be used for the occasional bit of motorsport, I thought it prudent to grab myself a couple of harnesses. Now what better suited than the HPI 3" 6 point harness in Black with Red stitching...a common theme I'll be using in the rest of the cabin. Aren't they just horn.

- HPI Harness Box Label
- HPI Harness logo patch
- HPI Harness Buckle

The harness will be temporarily fitted into the Sigma as SilviaWA has an MC Motorsport Track day coming up on 10 I'll be ripping it up in that. Hopefully will get some pics of the Siggy sideways.



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