Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Front Guards done, and off to paint

Patched M Sport Front Guards - no vent

A few posts back I mentioned the problem with fitting the Zenith Guard bracing with the vented Wide Body guards from M Sports. Basically they wouldn't fit due to the diagonal support fouling on the vent. So thanks to Tom, I've now had the vents removed and I reckon this is going to look more and more stock than ever - just really freakin' wide! Also had Tom cut the front bar around the intercooler and as you can see from the shots, he's done a really really good job.

And some news I've been waiting for for a long time, the car has been shipped off to get paint, and I'm hoping it'll be back before Xmas so I can do some work on it over the Xmas break.

Some pics of the modified guards:
- M Sports Front Guard sans vent (Left)
- M Sports Front Guard sans vent (Left)
- M Sports Front Guard sans vent (Right)
- S13 Front Intrusion Bar cut for FMIC (Front-mount Intercooler) fitment
- S13 Nissan Aero Bar cut for FMIC

Should be a few more updates soon as I start to get things like coilovers etc sorted.



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