Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A chill in the wind

Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler

While waiting for other things to happen and priorities shuffle around, I managed to fit the intercooler kit up. This is the latest genuine Hybrid GT Spec Tube & Fin Intercooler kit, size being 600 x 300 x 75 (I think). Here's a snippet from [FLYN] on

"The GT Spec intercooler kits have the latest GT Spec Tube & Fin intercooler and not the discontinued Drift Spec Bar & Plate intercooler. The GT spec Tube & Fin Intercooler is the latest one from Hybrid, it flows 20% better, 50% lighter in weight than the Drift Spec Bar & Plate. And because the Tube & Fin has the one piece core structure, it is also a lot stronger than the old Bar & Plate as well.

That is why Hybrid has discontinued manufacturing the old Bar & Plate because the latest Tube & Fin GT Spec is just so much better."

Some pics of the setup session:
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler (Front View)
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Inlet
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Outlet
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Engine Bay Inlet
- Hybrid GT Spec Intercooler Engine Bay Outlet

The aluminium strapping used to mount the cooler will be replaced later with something more robust, but the car needs to be painted and of course the front bar cut to suit. On the subject of the front bar, unfortunately the one I had lined up with the larger front intake hole was cracking whenever moved so I've gone back to a non-modified Nissan Aero Sport front bar.



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