Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More bits and pieces

Lightweight Pulley Kit

Another batch of bits and pieces have come along in the last month or so. These include a Lightweight Pulley Kit, Cusco Brake Stopper (used) and Trust 'Style' Oil Sump. The Lightweight Pulley Kit is supposedly there to reduce moving mass on the engine, but the GFB Lightweight Crank Pulley should do more than all these three pulleys combined. The Cusco Brake Stopper I found and picked up for $50 in used condition, just needs a respray and all good. It's purpose is to reduce the amount of flex in the firewall and braking ancillaries under hard braking conditions (which can only be a good thing). And finally the Trust 'Style' oil sump. It's not too bad, but the castings could have been done better. It's been given a good scrub and baffles fitted. This sump gives greater oil capacity to the lacking SR20 engine and also has baffles that are used to keep the oil where it should under lateral movement - ie. under the oil pickup (you don't want oil starvation in any engine).

Here's some pics for your edification:
- Lightweight Pulley Kit
- Cusco Brake Stopper
- Trust 'Style' Sump (Front)
- Trust 'Style' Sump (Back)
- Trust 'Style' Sump (Top)
- Trust 'Style' Sump (Bottom)

The pulley kit and sump was supplied through C-Red and the Cusco Brake Stopper through John at (quick and pain free service).



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