Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bit by bit

Slowly getting things in so we can get the car on the road as planned. Where I can I'm buying good used parts both privately or suppliers. Reason for this is I don't mind cleaning parts up to look like new and most of the time they'll be changing colour anyway for the stealth look I'm after - not that it'll be very stealthy on the outside ;)

Pics of the completed conversion:
- HKS Stainless 3" Front Pipe
- Cusco OS Rear Strut Brace
- ADM S15 200SX/Silvia ECU

The front pipe will be given a fresh coat of black exhaust paint before going on. The strut brace will have the end plates painted in silver or black, and the cross bar will be done in black wrinkle coat. I may make up a Cusco sticker or have the logo engraved in the bar later on. Also have the Cusco OS Front Brace coming in and a boot brace of unknown origin as well (actually the boot brace may not happen). The ECU will get the new version of the BikiROM installed including the Boost Controller and Turbo Timer options.



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