Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The uber seat

Logitech Driving Force Pro with Recaro

Was my birthday recently, so as a present to myself (and using cash I got as presents), I bought myself a new steering wheel so I could play Gran Turismo 4 with a little more realism. The unit I got was designed to work with GT4 and is the Logitech Driving Force Pro force feedback wheel. It's a pretty nice wheel too, giving you much more realism and feel than a Dual Shock controller. While I got the wheel, I walked past this racing seat that had in store at Harvey Normans, so I bought that too to make it more real. When I got it home, I played for a few hours and soon realised the standard seat sucked ass big time, I needed about 4 cushions strategically place to get a decent position. Then I remembered that I had a couple of nice Recaro's that aren't likely to be used for quite a few weeks just yet. So I went down to C-Red with the seat frame and Recaro in hand and bribed Roy to fit the seat to the frame. With the use of 4 small ally tags and some nuts and bolts, I now have what some would believe as a very nice setup.

I tried it out on the weekend just gone, and yes it's bloody great. The seat holds you in nice and tight, and you don't get the feeling you've been sitting on a concrete slab for 6hrs.



At 1:54 PM, Blogger daSilvia.org said...

That looks excellent, Brendan!!

I've been considering a decent wheel for a while, all I have is an old PS1 Madcatz with no feedback, and might just have to have another look at the Logitech.

Spewin I threw out my old Sil seats. As crap as they were, they might've been okay for that type of use.



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