Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sigma of fury to get more furious (a bit)

Galant Turbo - a.k.a. Battle Sigma

As the Sillbeer project progresses, my daily transport is known to many as the Sigma Turbo. In actual fact it's 1984 Mitsubishi Galant Turbo. It runs basically the same engine and driveline package as the Starion, so quite a bit of information I learn of the Austarion forums is handy.

Pics of the Battle Sigma:
- Front
- Side
- Rear
- Engine 1 (note tiny turbo)
- Engine 2
- Interior

Anyway, the turbo that is currently on it - a Mitsubishi TC05-12A is very very small. In fact I think it probably came off a 1.8L Cordia Turbo. Boost response is strong between 2000-4000rpm, thereafter you may as well change gear. So I got to thinking about changing over to something a little more common. As it happened, the guy who bought my old black Silvia was upgrading his turbo and was selling the original - which I knew was still in pretty good condition. So I bought it for a good price and it is still in good condition. The turbo is a T25G - usually found on the Nissan S13 SR20DET Silvia's and 180SX. Compressor - 50 trim T3 wheel with 0.8A/R T25 diffuser Turbine - 1.77" wheel (I think the trim is 62), 0.64 A/R T25 housing. These usually support about 220hp. So it should make a nice upgrade.

Another plus about this conversion is that happened to have done some work recently for Embleton Engineering - being a new logo design and more recently a bunch of stickers. So with this in mind, I went and spoke with them, delivered the stickers and have managed to work out a contra deal to cover the cost of converting to the new turbo...woohoo!

Lets just hope nothing bad happens once I fit up the turbo - mwuahahahahaha.



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