Monday, March 14, 2005

Short block complete (plus other bits)

SR20 Engine Block

Apologies for the delay between updates. There has been movement in the right direction, with the completion of the short block now taken place. All is nice and shiny (technical term used to describe a well built engine) with the bores looking very smoove. You'll notice the block as been sleeved, more because of the piston size than any performance enhancement. If anyone happens to know what type of forged piston these are, let me know. They're connected to Arias forged rods, all hanging onto the prepped and knife-edged crank.

Short block pics:
- Just like new
- Top
- Beautiful sleeved bores
- GTi-R Oil Pump
- Bottom
- Big-ends
- Crank cradle/girdle
- Serial

The head is also almost ready to go - these pics taken just before it went off to have the guides replaced for good measure. The intake ports have been ported and now have a nice sharp edge too. Just need to get in there and give it a nice smooth finish by hand:
- Serviced Head
- Intake Ports

Over the last few months, I have been collecting various parts ready for the assembly phase. Here are a few of them:
- HKS Stainless Steel Turbo Dump Pipe
- HKS Stainless Steel Turbo Dump Pipe
- Stainless tubular manifold (heat coated)
- Stainless tubular manifold (heat coated)
- Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors (straight-fit)
- Sparco 90mm Deep Dish suede steering wheel
- Nissan Aero Sport ('Nismo') rear pods

Unfortunately the body hasn't gone too much further since the last update, there being a delay while we wait for a parts shipment to come in from Japan. All I have repeat is that the rear Wise wide-body guards are on.

Thanks must go to Roy, Josh, Jeff and Marc over at C-Red for their help thus far on the project. Can't wait to get the body back to see if the QF's are going to fit ; )



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